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Dear Rick, I feel really sorry for you that you are left with just this cesspool of negativity from the recent separation in the FFL membership. This is not what we had hoped for with the forum as we started FarifieldLife these many years ago at Yahoo-groups. It is not too late to re-think this forum as a place for healthy discussions to occur. I hope for a better future here, -Buck in the Dome

/Because you failed to moderate the FFL Group and it's informants, the group has been reported to the Yahoo Administrators; to Interpol; and has been placed on a Watch List maintained by the Dutch police vice squad. //
//Some members of this forum have posted adult material to the group both by text, photos, and images with links to pornographic material including a cartoon with a caption using the "c" word; a discussion of masturbation; child abuse and perversion; and photos of rodents humping in broad daylight.

This is just outrageous behavior for a family-oriented discussion group! //Seven members in good standing have quit the group in protest. I urge you to make an immediate serious response. Thank you./

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Rick, I am sorry, but a forum where anyone is allowed to suggest sexual violence AGAINST children, is not someplace I want to be. I am truly sorry things have degenerated to this point. I am local to the Yahoo corporation, and am considering a detailed notice to the Yahoo administrators, including screen names, of this current activity.

Barry makes one excuse after another, about using this foul, sexually perverted, and unbalanced voice, and is clearly not well. This is no longer a healthy environment for anyone to participate in.

I am all for differing opinions on here, but you have allowed one individual's mental illness to co-opt what could be a fun place to hang out, and I guess I am one of the casualties. See ya!!

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