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*/Excellent. I can think of a number of test subjects, if anyone wants to replicate this research./*
You can always count on me to help run the test, Barry.

/"You're sitting in the desert and some guy comes up and stands in front of you, no more than two feet away, and then he just disappears. You can see stars through the hazy outline of his body, and then even the outline disappears. You don't really believe it's happening, so you lean your head back and forth and shift positions to see if the foreground and background you can see "through him" or where he was standing shift perspective as they should. They do. Then he "comes back," smiles big-time, and walks off."/ - Uncle Tantra, 7/24/2003/*
*/First -- obviously -- a quick run-through of this test on George Hammond as he's telling his stories should be able to establish once and for all whether his visions were real or whether he imagined them./*
*/Next -- running the same test on those FFLers who have made such a big, posturing, I'm-such-a-poor-victim deal out of "leaving" FFL (while still making post after post of the Same Old Bitching And Moaning They've Been Doing For Years) are imagining they left, or really left. :-) :-) :-)/*

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This'll come in handy if you're one of those people can't tell fact from fantasy, or daydreams from messages from deceased guru's.

Imagination and reality flow in opposite directions in your brain <http://www.sciencealert.com/imagination-and-reality-flow-in-opposite-directions-in-your-brain-research-finds>

Imagination and reality flow in opposite directions in your brain <http://www.sciencealert.com/imagination-and-reality-flow-in-opposite-directions-in-your-brain-research-finds> No matter how real your daydreams might seem, to your brain they’re distinctly different to reality, new research has shown. In fact, the electrical signals that send messages through your brain travel in the opposite direction when you’re...
View on www.sciencealert.com <http://www.sciencealert.com/imagination-and-reality-flow-in-opposite-directions-in-your-brain-research-finds>
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