It all depends on the state of consciousness of the forum members.  If the 
higher path is taken, much of the issues in this forum can be avoided.

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 John, I wondered if the Saturn in Scorpio wasn't the culprit. Personally I got 
very spoiled by exalted Saturn transiting my first house. Anyway, I think we 
can expect a lot of sexual turmoil over the next couple of years.

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 The forum is now undergoing the malefic transit of Saturn in Scorpio, a sign 
signifying the sex organ of the Kala Purusha, the Cosmic Man.  Saturn is 
aspecting the natal Saturn in Taurus and is the 12th house from Mars and Ketu.  
Thus, we've seen the negativity and turmoil caused by someone mentioning 
unorthodox sex with a baby.

 Also, Saturn represents an old man and a low caste.

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