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 But what about that "orthodox sex with a baby" thing, John? Surely you 
understand that now that you have said that you believe such a thing exists (as 
opposed to "unorthodox sex with a baby") some here are curious to learn what -- 
in your opinion -- makes sex with a baby in one situation "orthodox," and in 
another "unorthodox." 


 I've given you a couple of opportunities now to explain, but you haven't. 
Doncha think that at this point those on this forum who think that there is NO 
situation in which sex with a baby is permissible, much less "orthodox," might 
be having a few second thoughts about YOU? 


 Doncha think that some of them might feel like calling the cops to investigate 
you as a self-declared "orthodox baby molestor?" And that they'd be justified 
in doing so, given recent behavioral standards proclaimed on this forum?


 Get it yet?

My bet would be it was a slip of the keyboard, or an attempt at expressing 
paedophilia as unorthodox and not an admission of anything hideous. 

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 Please, see my response to Share.

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 so what's your prediction for the future of FFL?


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 The forum is now undergoing the malefic transit of Saturn in Scorpio, a sign 
signifying the sex organ of the Kala Purusha, the Cosmic Man.  Saturn is 
aspecting the natal Saturn in Taurus and is the 12th house from Mars and Ketu.  
Thus, we've seen the negativity and turmoil caused by someone mentioning 
unorthodox sex with a baby.

 Also, Saturn represents an old man and a low caste.



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