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 What will you do with the TM True Believers in your realm?

 I've decided to be a very magnanimous ruler MJ. 


 I'd give them their dream, a flying room at Buckingham palace so they can do 
what they've always wanted: create coherence at the heart of power so it 
radiated downwards through society all the faster.

 I did hear that when Maharishi first came to the UK he was sending people to 
knock on doors of important people to get the movement noticed and he told 
someone to contact the Queen because she's bound to want a basement at the 
palace turned over for TM teaching. I got the impression he genuinely thought 
she'd go for it. Naivety or megalomania?

 And that was the big plan in the 90's, get the leaders learning so the 
influence is felt whwere the decisions are made. And that was the justification 
for putting the prices up too, rich men won't shop in a poor house, was the 
quote I believe.

 I opined that people get rich by not letting others rip them off but was 
shouted down as usual.

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 Sal, might you have room for any of the Royals should they be turned out due 
to this revelation?

 Prince Andrew might make a good shoe cleaner for me. He can live in the shed 
until I can think of something more humiliating for him to do. The rest of them 
don't seem clever enough to do even that so I don't know what I'll do with 
them, send them off to fight wars I suppose. Be a poetic reversal of karma.

 More to the point, you got any Flemish butchers in your genetic background? 
More to the point was you yourself a Flemish butcher in one of your past 

 I've always had a predilection for Flemish art so maybe I have!

 I think they should just give me the crown, I always knew I had a special 
destiny and this will do I suppose. I can't wait for my first speech to 
Parliament as King Salyavin, just got to get the dungeons ready at the Tower. 
Don't worry, I'll be a benign ruler after I've settled a few scores. Bwuhaha!


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