In Bhrigu Nandi Nadi method of jyotish,  Jupiter is considered to be the birth 
condition or the lagna for the entity.  And, Saturn is considered to be the 
career potential of the entity.

 So, the other forum started out very well since Jupiter is exalted at this 
time in Cancer.  It should do well while Jupiter is still in Cancer.

 Also, the other forum should attract many members since Saturn is in 
conjunction with several planets, including the Sun, Venus and Mercury.

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 John, I can't help but wonder about the jyotish chart of the_peak. All that 
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   Excellent point.  The conjunction of the Sun and Saturn is not good since 
they're enemies.  Mercury, representing a baby, is in Scorpio as well.  Venus 
is there too which represents women and sexuality.


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 Not to mention there is a stellium inn Scorpio now.
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   The forum is now undergoing the malefic transit of Saturn in Scorpio, a sign 
signifying the sex organ of the Kala Purusha, the Cosmic Man.  Saturn is 
aspecting the natal Saturn in Taurus and is the 12th house from Mars and Ketu.  
Thus, we've seen the negativity and turmoil caused by someone mentioning 
unorthodox sex with a baby.
 Also, Saturn represents an old man and a low caste.




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