Excellent mind exercise. Judging by how I enjoyed hanging out with movement 
people with whom I have little philosophically in common at George's lecture, 
I'd say jocularity would prevail. I like most people, especially people who see 
the wold differently from me. I always prefer rapport over confrontation.

But online we get a chance to interact in a away with less social buffers and 
that is a valuable intellectual resource IMO. Sometimes nice gets in the way of 
getting to the bottom of philosophical differences. There is such a different 
agenda when I am with someone personally. And most people hide what they really 
believe because our society doesn't teach how to disagree politely for the sake 
of intellectual interest. People are so identified with their ideas if they 
don't practice how to have a philosophical conversation.

I don't believe that everyone would be able to hang comfortably, but I'll bet 
most would. I can think of some who would storm off in a huff at the first sign 
of disagreement, since they even have trouble being civil in print. Some people 
who post are definitely high maintenance people. But people surprise me all the 
time so I shouldn't try to predict that. 

Cool thought.

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 If the regular posters on FFL were to fortuitously meet at a social gathering 
- and the conversation was to gravitate towards "spiritual" topics and 
meditation - and it gradually dawned on everyone that the strangers they were 
face to face with were the very people they had been having heated arguments 
with on the FFL site and exchanging gratuitous insults with . . . well, you get 
the picture . . . Do you think everyone would simply relax, let their hair 
down, exchange humorous stories, find themselves getting on in a perfectly 
civilized manner, and end up as new bosom buddies?

 Or do you think it would end up in a bar-room fight?

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