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Sal, might you have room for any of the Royals should they be turned out due to 
this revelation?
Having just had a serious read of the article in today's Grauniad I'm convinced 
they've got to go.
It was stupid idea anyway, a bunch of parasites sitting around in vast palaces 
and living lives of unparalleled luxury with endless servants and weird 
adoration from the flag-waving multitudes. I often wonder who thought of it, 
and why we don't stop the worship now they don't actually do anything other 
than wave at us at their weddings and open supermarkets which I'm sure we could 
manage on our own somehow.
And now this! Vive le Republic! The perfect excuse to demand our country back 
from the thieving establishment.

Whoever they decide to call the king or queen, here's my vote for what the 
crown should look like. This photo purports to be a NASA shot of the Aurora 
Borealis taken from space:


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