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And now this! Vive le Republic! The perfect excuse to demand our country back 
from the thieving establishment.



 Whoever they decide to call the king or queen, here's my vote for what the 
crown should look like. This photo purports to be a NASA shot of the Aurora 
Borealis taken from space:

 It's beautiful huh? One of the things I'd really like to see, and not 
necessarily from space, though that would be cool too.

 I've got a plan to head into the arctic circle next year on a photographic 
journey with some friends, but we'll be going in midsummer and so probably 
won't get to see the northern lights at all! 

 But the plan is to be there on the first day of the year when the sun doesn't 
fully go down but starts going up again. That's got to be worth a look.


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