The statue was created millennia ago by the then-inhabitants of Mars, before 
they all emigrated to Earth and settled in Kenya. It was created to commemorate 
visions of the future that their shamans had of the first being of Martian 
descent who would in the future become a national leader on their new planet.  

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 Subject: [FairfieldLife] POTUS on Mars?
     It seems the ancient nuclear war on Mars that annihilated the flourishing 
civilisation there failed to totally destroy their iconic statues, including 
one of our own esteemed leaders!
How they knew that Osama was going to be President all those millenia in the 
future remains an unanswered question.
The truth is out there!
Is Obama’s head on MARS? UFO experts spots rock resembling President
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|    |        |    |       Is Obama’s head on MARS? UFO experts spots rock 
re...  UFO bloggers say the head in the image taken by the Spirit rover on the 
Martian surface could be part of a larger statue.    |    |
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