who's idea was concieved in the sick mind of the Turq and written in a post 
here on FFL caused many to leave. Later he tries to wriggle himself out of the 
net by making ridicelous claims that Dutch police is investigating or watching 
American and German posters on an American blog. 
 The fact is that these posters didn't want to be on the same list as a pervert 
and left. It would be to insult the intelligence of others here to believe that 
they buy the idea that Dutch police have the time or interest of investigating 
foreign nationals when the sick poster is living in Holland, right in their 
midst. The Turq is lying about the so-called "cop" in the same way as he has 
been lying about "lurking reporters" and a host of other issues. But who's to 
blame him, he's living such a pityful excistence that he has to make things up 
to appear as ANYTHING else than the scumbag he is.
 As expected some posters here have tried to bury the fact that the Turq posted 
what he did, Sally in a sea of sceptisism and irony, Bhairitu in a sea of self 
aggrandisement, anartaxius in a sea of words and Michael Jackson in a sea of 
profanity. As expected.
 As was the fact that Rick Archer did nothing so far. After all it was his idea 
to create a forum for dumping on all things TMO and with most of the sane 
people gone he certainly got what he wanted. That he has allowed pedophiliac 
ideas to be expressed on this forum without taking any action will be his cross 
to carry. He'll probably make some joke about that sentence in a future 
comment. But sarcastic, threatening or ironic comments  by anyone will not be 
read as I'm happily unsubscribing.
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