A friend last year was complaining of "old people's disease" during winter. I recalled that at the farmer's market he had loaded up on lettuce. So I asked him if he was eating a lot of salad which he was. I suggested soups instead. He was probably getting a bit too alkaline from the salads which gave him arthritis like symptoms.

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Boy, Bhairitu, did I hear about a vexing diet yesterday! Created by a Dr. Wahl maybe. Happens in three stages. My friend's friends are in Stage 3 wherein one eats meat, greens, fruits and veggies. That's it! She was having a salad. I never eat salad, especially in cold weather. I had salmon, broccoli and a puff pastry filled with mushed up veggies, totally yummy.

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Animal activists should emphasize reduction, not elimination, of eating


I recall a lot of people Seattle TMers back in the late 1970 who ditched
vegetarian diets and returned to eating meat and felt better. Of course
diet is individual and never shotgun.

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