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 Animal activists should emphasize reduction, not elimination, of eating 
 I recall a lot of people Seattle TMers back in the late 1970 who ditched 
 vegetarian diets and returned to eating meat and felt better. Of course 
 diet is individual and never shotgun.

 At the last count I know five long term vegetarians in the TMO who have had to 
have vitamin B12 injections due to sudden dramatic collapses in health.
 Some just aren't suited to it it seems. Just eating meat twice a week does 
loads of good for both the planet and your health if your body is so inclined. 
I know quite a few people who have never been veggie who say they feel much 
better for going 5-2, as they call it.
 I was a strict veggie for decades and never had a problem, but would that have 
continued? I don't know but when a 55 year old vegan friend of mine was told he 
had the bones of an 90 year old it was sobering for everyone that knew 

 When one is young the body can tolerate more dietary changes but as you get 
older not so much.  A naturopath showed me in 1972 a simple way to determine if 
I was becoming anemic which I was just after two weeks of trying a vegetarian 
 Two weeks? No way! I'd skip the rice and dhal and get some quality burgers 
down you pronto. I lost a lot of weight when I tried veganism but I didn't like 
the thought of all that dairy in my veggie diet. I needn't have worried as I 
get regular cholesterol and blood tests at my GP and I appear to be 
astoundingly healthy, which is odd as I do have a slight predilection for cream 
cakes and chocolate. Perfect genes I reckon. Or just lucky so far....

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