I'll believe in the moderate Muslims, Back, when I see them all marching in 
France to denounce their radical, violent cousins. I believe that 7.5% of 
France is Muslim—well, let's hear from them. Let's see them respond to the 
terrorists en masse, saying, This is not Islam! 

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 Dude,they are violent because Islam is a violent religion! What other religion 
do you know of that advocates beheading, chopping off hands, lashes and stoning 
for adultery in this day and age? Islam is the center of their culture. These 
people think they are doing exactly as Mohamed the *Prophet * taught them to do 
because that is how he operated! When push comes to shove, the so called *good* 
Muslim will in the end, stand with his *brother* in Islam, not his new adopted 
country. The *good* Muslim is just too pussified to do what his violent brother 
does and waits patiently for him to do the dirty work. After all, he's getting 
all the virgins! 

 My question of the day for myself: Do I continue talking to the Muslim haters 
here or just shut up? I think I'll shut up. I have to admit S3 did surprise me 
though. However, if my favorite hater, Emptypants, has anything to say he knows 
I can't resist his poetically whispered charms. 

 When people can't separate the radicals from the regular Muslim, the fleeing 
immigrants from what they are fleeing from then there is no use in talking. 
Carry on, folks.
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   Not really - but the broader message is that France has admitted a large 
population from a region that is enmeshed in violence as an everyday 
occurrence, the Middle East. It has been going on for generations, inflamed 
recently by a series of wars. So to bring in a large population already locked 
in a culture of violence, there is a good chance it will show up again, 
regardless of religious affiliation. The Islamic link only serves to spur those 
on who are already bent on violence - it could be any cause, really. It is not 
a fair assessment to paint all of Islam with that brush.
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 This *is* Islam. It's called *jihad*! It's the struggle to create an Islamic 
Caliphate that eventually will encompass the world. One person's *jihad* could 
be with individual sin or weakness. But Islamic Jihad is the struggle to 
convert the world to Islam so that each individual can have his own personal 
Jihad.The cat's out of the bag now, Pandora has left her box. This crap is 
going global. It's coming to a neighborhood near you... including BC.


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 I just created a prashna horoscope asking the question:  who is the mastermind 
of this attack in Paris?

 The answer in the chart shows that the perpetrators are home grown individuals 
in France who are suicidal terrorists.  They're more likely Muslims.  The 
inspiration of the attackers is Saturn, signifying the color black.  So, what 
organization do we know that brandishes a flag flag?  ISIS of course!!


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 Re "You can call them "Syrian" or "ISIS" or "Muslim" but that is far from the 
whole picture.":

 They're Muslims - deal with it.

 Talking about a WWII atrocity would you make the statement: "You can call them 
"Nazi" or "fascist" or "racist" but that is far from the whole picture"? It's 
not the whole picture but it is an essential element of the picture.




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 I just heard on CNN that Europe estimates that 5-6 thousand *European* 
citizens have gone to Syria and Iraq to fight with ISIS and now they are 


 This is my point. There really is no name for these monsters. They can be 
white, British, Muslim, black or American. The point is, it appears any number 
of people can be convinced that they have a duty to rid the planet of those who 
don't embrace the values and beliefs they embrace. You can call them "Syrian" 
or "ISIS" or "Muslim"but that is far from the whole picture.

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 Subject: Explosions in Paris
 Just woke up from a short nap. Turned on the TV and hear about bombings and 
murders on large scale in Paris but nobody is offering to say *who* is doing 
it. Need I ask?





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