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 Well, I doubt it was the Brussels Sprouts or Foie Gras that drove them to 
terrorize Paris. Must be some other common factor.  

 Fanaticism? Belief in fairytales? The need to work off some of that excess 
testosterone? An empty, pointless life that can only find fulfillment 
terrorizing others? The need to feel important and part of some godly mission? 
What do you think? Or should all Muslims be considered dangerous, Mikey? Maybe 
you should start building your bunker now, get in some supplies, buy a few 
extra guns, you know, for when the inevitable happens. Oh yea, you're more 
likely to be mown down by some redneck gun toter driving his Ford F250 at 
McDonalds, I almost forgot.







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   Just for the record, three of the attackers have been identified as French 
citizens. The other four (or five) have not yet been identified. The possible 
eighth attacker, who is still at large, lived in Belgium, as did two of the 
French attackers and a bunch of people who are suspected of involvement in the 

 The attacker with the Syrian passport may or may not have come in with the 
refugees; it's not clear whether the passport found with his body was 
authentic. It could well have been a fake.


 IOW, at least three and possibly four or five of the seven or eight attackers 
did not come in with the Syrian refugees.





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 Fox news is reporting that at least one of the bombers in Paris posed as a 
Syrian refugee when passing through Greece and Serbia, on his way to France. 
Obama is inviting tens of thousands of these *refugees* to come here and 
settle. The FBI says it is impossible to adequately  vet them all. ISIS claims 
that the Paris attack is only the beginning. Dracula has just been invited into 
our home.





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