Dear Col. Leed, if you could deploy to Brussels that would be really wonderful 
having a meditator of your stature representing America there and also having a 
credible reporter to FFL from the EU summit meditation. We look forward to your 
reports. Keep us posted.  Bon Voyage,  

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 I Col Ret USA Leed would go tothe EU assembly or come to FF , IA 4 same if OK?
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I asked someone here today who is a real deal siddha if they would go to 
Brussels to meditate with the group. [?] Their response was that the Unified 
Field is in every heart, there is not need for this person to go. This person 
will meditate with them here. -JaiGuruYou
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 I am missing the input of nablusoss1008 here on things like this.   Nablusoss 
was one of the few practitioners to bring their content over here and defend 

 I would hope Nablusoss could feel safe enough here now to come back on and 
help keep us informed of developments like this.  I should suspect that he 
would be in Brussels for a peace project like this. 

 Best Regards, 
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 Group Meditations in Brussels

 Our aim is to reach 108 participants, which is the square root of 1% of the 
population of Brussels.
 The Maharishi Invincibility Centre in Brussels is very strategically located 
only a few hundred meters from the conference hall of the EU Leaders. 


 The meditating Assemblies start early in the morning on Thursdays, so it is 
recommended that participants arrive in Brussels on Wednesday evenings. The 
Assemblies end on Sundays after lunch. This course is offered for free. We can 
help you find suitable accommodation. To apply, send your email to
 Looking forward to welcoming at least 108 Yogic Flyers in Brussels on all 
these occasions – please bring one or two friends!

 -         17-20 December 2015



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