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 Mike, check your facts.  You must be reading those "political rags that 
contain lies to create fear in fear-based individuals" again.  Politico here 
addresses your inaccurate assumptions and statements below.

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 The article says the Obama administration has committed to taking 10,000 
refugees *this year*. It doesn't say anything about the hundred or so thousand 
he really intends to bring over the longer haul. I've been out of the loop for 
a few days but the last I heard is that 36 states are currently pleading not to 
take any, at least at this point. The FBI is saying it is nearly impossible to 
thoroughly  vet these immigrants. Records that they would need to do so, are 
just not available to them. Anyone can claim anything at this point and get 
into a host country. Hayam Duhkam Anagatam.(avoid the suffering before it 
comes). Yes, there will be some genuinely good people and there will be some, 
and probably fewer, genuinely evil and disgusting people to come. You don't 
threaten the security of a nation to show compassion for other less fortunate 


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 So how many refugees have moved in down the street from you?
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