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The article says the Obama administration has committed to taking 10,000 refugees *this year*. It doesn't say anything about the hundred or so thousand he really intends to bring over the longer haul. I've been out of the loop for a few days but the last I heard is that 36 states are currently pleading not to take any, at least at this point. The FBI is saying it is nearly impossible to thoroughly vet these immigrants. Records that they would need to do so, are just not available to them. Anyone can claim anything at this point and get into a host country. Hayam Duhkam Anagatam.(avoid the suffering before it comes). Yes, there will be some genuinely good people and there will be some, and probably fewer, genuinely evil and disgusting people to come. You don't threaten the security of a nation to show compassion for other less fortunate people.

Says who? Everything comes with a price, with some sort of effect - there are no free lunches. If taking in others who are needing refuge means you put something at risk then that is what makes it an action worth a little respect. Giving a beggar $100 because you are a multi millionaire means nothing. Giving a beggar $100 when you are barely surviving financially means something. What gives anyone the right to close and lock the doors to an entire country, after all ! (and here we come back to our ongoing discussion) every single white mo-fo in the US was an immigrant and most, back in the days of the religious persecutions in England (read Puritans), made their way to find freedom from this persecution all the way to the Eastern shores of what would later become Virginia.

Or looking to have their own plot of land. I don't think my Welsh ancestors were fleeing persecution but probably more like young folks who didn't want to compete with siblings over what land the parents had to give them.

So, for you, or anybody else, to decide that once they are safely inside the metaphorical door and there are ten more running to join you in the house that you are going to quickly close the door and turn the key is the height of hypocrisy. "Home of the brave and land of the free"? Not on those terms.

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So how many refugees have moved in down the street from you?

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