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 They were sued into oblivion, laughed at and ridiculed into,obscurity.They 
were made to be socially unacceptable. An organization that once counted 
numbers in the millions, now is a mere handful that nobody pays attention to. 
Thy are irrelevant today. Peer pressure ruined them. 

 If Muslims did the same with radicle Islamist, perhaps the same effect could 
be had.


 It has to be a concerted effort by many, in terms of any chance of defeating 
radicalism. You have to have bombs and you have to have those that refuse to be 
intimidated and cowed by the threat of violence. You have to have those that 
stay positive and refuse to stop discriminating between who is "the enemy" and 
who is not and you have to have those that are prepared to bring out the 
weapons if necessary. The world seems to be dividing into two groups - those 
that are reacting in a way that only makes the situation worse and those who 
are attempting to stay informed and reasonable. 

 As far as the KKK and other neo-Nazi or extreme right wing racist groups they 
are out there, believe me. Germany and the US are pretty hardcore countries 
where these kind of haters are rampant. The racist part often goes hand and 
hand with a strong sense of patriotism and country.

 Here is a handy list, while we're on the subject of aberration:


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