We've already found with much pain that Iraq and Syria are made up several 
tribes who do not have close affiliations with the central government.  If the 
Americans go back there again, the same tribal wars and religious wars will 
compete between each other for domination to obtain government control.

 This is an important lesson that the Americans and Europeans must understand.  
IS knew the religious and tribal environment of the Middle East.  And, they are 
taking advantage of it by wreaking mayhem in the region in the name of Islam.  
However, the IS ideology is intrinsically not Islam, but a ruthless form of 
sectarian government which they call the caliphate.

 At least for now, the most Muslims in the region are recognizing that IS does 
not represent Islam and is intent on exterminating those who oppose its 
draconian ideology.  In an odd way, this has made Iraq and Syria more self 
aware of their identities and learn how to compromise to face a greater threat 
for all of them.

 IMO, IS has become too big for its britches and has breached the accepted 
principles and values of the world.  It has violated natural law.  As such, IS 
will be crushed wherever they go or exist.  How would it be possible for them 
to fight against powerful bombs dropped on their heads?  That's why they're 
desperate to spread the mayhem outside of their home town and cause destruction 
and fear in Europe and perhaps USA.

 But they don't have the army to spread their war all over the world.  Their 
sleeper cells will eventually be found and crushed.

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 If American, NATO, or any other troops were involved, it wouldn't be for 
Iraqis but for western civilization. If Iraqis, Kurds, Syrian and Russians 
can't get it done, somebody has to.

 From: "jr_esq@... [FairfieldLife]" <>
 Sent: Thursday, November 26, 2015 10:26 AM
 Subject: [FairfieldLife] Iraqi Forces Surround IS in Ramadi
 This looks like a good progress for Iraqi.  But can they keep the advance 
without succumbing to IS counter attacks.  It would be logical to assume that 
the US airplanes will be supporting the Iraqi forces to retake the city.  This 
will be a good test to see how successful the Iraqis are in fighting for their 
own country and freedom.

 The alternative of sending American forces to fight for them is unacceptable.

 Iraqi forces cut last IS supply line to Ramadi by retaking bridge
 Iraqi forces cut last IS supply line to Ramadi by retaki...
 Iraqi forces have cut Islamic State's last supply line into the western city 
of Ramadi by seizing a key bridge, Iraqi officials and a military officer said 
on T...

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