That poor young marine.  If he wasn’t brain damaged sparring before this fight 
he probably is now.  It is tragic and such a complete exhibition in what utter 
complete spiritual ignorance of the birthright that gets landed in a lifetime’s 
incarnation  Coming to obtain a body-mind-complex, a nervous system, their body 
temple, a ‘house made of clay’, the place where the human Being can experience 
the absolute bliss consciousness of Nature, and trading that for some such 
transient ‘stars’ of unconsciousness like that.  

 Too bad the David Lynch Foundation did not catch up to that young man in his 
public education before joining up and finding himself put up to that.  That 
work the DLF does with veterans though extremely promising too often comes 
after damage is done in service.  This sport fighting is senseless.  

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 USA Marine Recon Koed by Finland Special ops
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