That's a fabulous benefit. I mean the parking space thing. I have noticed this 
for many years, although I do not attribute it to the sidhis. I think I am just 
naturally a superior being. 

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 Well, prior to that time, I had already taken the TM-Sidhis course when living 
and working in a UK TM Academy. This meeting was an invite to a certain 
commercial enterprise for the general public to which the mention of meditation 
was part of the sales talk, but it would not be ethical to provide actual 
details except to say that a timely vacant parking space in a crowded town was 
considered a benefit of being a Sidha.



difficult to assess without more info - I heard the same thing back then, only 
it was said in a context of evolution and personal growth, not judgment. Just 
as someone would say, for example, after you graduate from college, you will 
know more about x or y, than you did in high school.  

 There is a comprehensive cleansing of the body machinery through the Sidhis, 
and though I cannot say for those who sleep in the Domes during their programs, 
it does lead to an entirely different style of functioning, with simply more 
available than before. It could be called a 'superior' way of functioning, 
should a personal comparison be made of capabilities available before, and 
after, learning the techniques.

 Did you end up taking the TM-Siddhis course?

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