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 I agree with you there, ultra. I have long been amazed by the folks in the 
grocery store line who watch passively as their stuff is being rung up and then 
slowly, and only when the total shows, rummage around in their bag for cash or 
check. It's as if they are surprised that they are being asked to pay for it 

I don't visit coffee shops but I am quite sure the phenomenon you describe 
would drive me insane too. 

 We, of course, are much more conscious and organized up here in Canada. None 
of those annoying things ever happen. ;-)

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 Yeah... the whole coupon thing at the check out stand drives me nuts 
especially when there is a problem with the coupon and a long discussion ensues 
and the manager is paged for.  Meanwhile, my 1/2 gallon of Organic Vanilla Ice 
Cream is melting on the belt.

I also go crazy with the folks who still write checks and don't begin filling 
in the details until they get the total.  Only then it comes out of the purse, 
etc., and the person starts to log the entry in the checkbook and then fill out 
the check.  Argggggggggg!

I also have no patience for the same type of person (as in I'm the only person 
in the world and my actions don't affect others attitude)  who is at the coffee 
and condiments self serve counter.  They insist in adding their condiments and 
judiciously stirring it while block acess to the the coffee pump. It drags on 
as they then decide they need a heat sleeve and a lid (whose size is never 
correctly chosen the first time)  They don't pull to the side to engage in the 
gastronomic preparatory machinations while letting the rest of us get on with 
our lives.  I drink it black so I am in and out of there in the time it takes a 
gnat to fart.

I should switch to decaf, I know.

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