That is encouraging that recruitment efforts appear to be unsuccessful.  And 
that seems to be borne out by the lack of incidents in Germany. 

 It takes so little, though to make an attack, and I'm sure considerable 
resources are spent to infiltrate the community and keep track of the goings on.

---In, <emily.mae50@...> wrote :

 I think there is a lot to be said for policies that address the transition and 
relocation and stability of these migrants.....I doubt that "kowtowing to every 
demand" is listed as a policy.   

 It makes sense that the refugees did not migrate with a desire to radicalize.  

 The WSJ article also states the following, below.  I don't agree with the last 
sentence, as it seems to exclude personal responsibility. But, in the sense 
that initial assistance, guidance and economic opportunity are going to be 
necessary—that's a given.  

 "Intelligence services say they have no evidence of successful recruitment 
efforts, pointing to the risk as a long-term problem."

 Some 70% of the migrants arriving in Germany are believed to be Muslims, 
according to a spokeswoman for the federal domestic intelligence service. A top 
German expert on Islamic radicalization, Claudia Dantschke, said she was 
increasingly getting queries from local officials on which mosques to recommend 
to migrants and which ones to avoid.
 “These people don’t arrive here ready to be radicalized,” said Ms. Dantschke, 
who runs a counseling program for radicalized Muslims. She added that refugees 
needed to be quickly given a chance to integrate into German society. “We are 
responsible as to whether or not they ever become open to radicalization.”   

---In, <steve.sundur@...> wrote :

 I did not read the article you have linked.  I am going by the quote.  The 
article I linked doesn't allow for the full content, which I read in the hard 
copy WSJ.  But according to the article, the refugees are feted by the 
extremest element at the mosques. 

 "According to state and local agencies across the country. Islamists have 
offered migrants rides, food, shelter and translation help. In some cases they 
have invited them to soccer games and grill parties, or bought them copies of 
the Quran and conservative Muslim clothing"

 It goes to say, "The wave of migration is exacerbating a problem that has 
vexed German security officials for years: how to deal with fundamentalist 
Muslim preachers who they suspect play a role in radicalizing youths but don't 
appear to breaking laws in doing so"

 With regard to the quote below: WOW, not handling them properly, as is 
indicated below?  

 It seems to be that if you kowtow to every demand that these or any group of 
refugees might have you certainly will not have a problem.  If that is how you 
wish to play it.

 Of course, immigrants should always receive report from others who settled 
before them.  But that assumes that there is a buy in, at least to a good 
extent, into their new country, not a desire to remain isolated, or worse.

 Just my opinion of course. 


---In, <emily.mae50@...> wrote :

 "The refugees themselves, fleeing war and extremism, are not strong supporters 
of the most violent groups: if they were, they would have stayed in Iraq or 
Syria.......The actual security risks now are low, but the potential ones are 
considerable if the refugee crisis is handled poorly. Policing, service 
provision, and local governance in general need to be provided for the long 
term. The worst thing European countries could do would be to invite in 
hundreds of thousands of refugees in a fit of sympathy and then lose interest 
or become hostile, starving them of support and vilifying them politically, 
creating a self-fulfilling prophecy."
 Do Syrian refugees pose a terrorism threat?
 Do Syrian refugees pose a terrorism threat?
 Daniel Byman examines whether refugees from Syria and Iraq really pose a 
terrorism threat, as some have claimed. 

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 German Officials Warn of New Security Risk: Local Extremists Recruiting 
 German Officials Warn of New Security Risk: Local Extrem...
 Migrants are increasingly ending up at mosques attended by Islamist radicals, 
authorities say

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