Everybody relax? What a stupid post title, nobody round here cares whether 
Buck is deleting posts. 

 Still, maybe people will be happy you created something for a change, even if 
it is a piece inconsequential shit stirring and self-serving drivel.

 I suppose you'll go back to your tedious nagging now instead of trying to find 
something positive to talk about in your declining years.

 But why don't you try it? Create something rather than just be a tedious drain 
on the place. Go on. Dare you.

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 Salyavin was wrong about Doug deleting posts. Salyavin has now deleted his own 
post, but it was up long enough for some folks to see it, and of course it went 
to everyone who gets the posts by email, so I thought it would be a good idea 
to point out that it was in error.

 As you might imagine, that mistake stirred up quite a hullaballoo over on FFL2 
before it was corrected--including a thread titled "Buck Pulls a Chairman Mao."

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