I don't think "judging" is the word. I see it as his willingness to move past 
what he sees as limited/narrow/ blinkered thinking and embracing something 
bigger and, for him, better. It reads positive to me, not negative. It reads as 
if this man, a pastor, is willing to dissect and understand where he is not 
comfortable and to do something about it. That is something many who are 
ensconced within a religious paradigm fail to do in an ongoing way.

 I sometimes think of this as a great chain of life where none is independent 
and all are of benefit to another in some way, even if not so obvious.


 In my opinion, any belief system will have to evolve or become outgrown by 
necessity because it must be alive to have effect - and anything alive cannot 
remain stagnant, whether conservative Christianity, so called, or even a more 
ancient system more pertinent to this forum – meaning, I think, that while 
certain aspects may come around in cycles upon themselves, they can never 
become what they once were, but something else is added because of what has 
taken place. It is changed, it must change, it becomes “new” to that group - 
although, as I see it, there is nothing new in complete and absolute Truth 
because, if it is Truth, then it has always existed.

 My own understanding is that when a group in general becomes comfortable with 
their understanding of the certain aspect of Truth to which they have been 
drawn and which has brought to them a degree of self-realisation, awakening, 
enlightenment, revelation (or whichever appropriate word) - then that aspect of 
Truth is no longer enough for that group and is therefore losing its power by 


 Then comes the increase of another aspect of realisation or revelation of 
Truth among individuals aligned to that group, which meets with varying degrees 
of opposition from the larger body as interfering, groundless based on existing 
modes of proof, meddling, even threatening. The greater the opposition and 
denial to the increase in this or that aspect of Truth through the stamping and 
trampling of that aspect into the earth by the associated group, then the 
stronger and firmer the roots of that aspect of Truth are compacted underground 
- roots which eventually make a showing as a strong plant that cannot be 
eradicated once exposed to the growth-promoting conditions of the open 
atmosphere now ready to accommodate what cannot be removed. And so on… 


 Just some thoughts… 
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