It's not wholly unexpected that meddling around in the Middle East would bring blow back. People feel unprotected. If you have a break in it often takes a while for police to show up. You want a chance to survive even if it's just against local malcontents out to steal stuff to feed their drug habit.

So I wouldn't blame Obama for this other than carrying on the crap the Neocons started. And if you want to ban guns how are you going to pay for it? Guns cost money, sometimes a lot of money. People would want to be compensated for turning them in.

And I still argue that the right for a citizen, even ones I disagree with, has prevented the US from being taken over in a coup d'etat. Anyone planning something like that would know they would have a real battle on their hands.

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Why is it that every thing Obama tries to do backfires? He wants to disarm America but more people own guns now than ever before.

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Just what we need.

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