Have you noticed how the mainstream media (both in the UK and US) has taken to 
the expression "they were radicalised" when referring to homegrown Muslim 
terrorists? They make it sound like these nihilistic, death-infatuated losers 
were just regular, upstanding members of their local community when they caught 
some highly infectious disease so are basically just victims themselves; naive 
innocents taken in by slick propaganda videos. 

 We're talking about Islamic State - a death cult that sexually enslaves young 
women, throws gays off tall buildings, loathes western freedoms, fears the 
liberation of women, pitilessly murders our fellow citizens, approves of the 
killing of apostates, hates Jews, Christians and liberals, trashes our 
priceless cultural heritage, and is implacably opposed to free speech. 

 Anyone who sympathises with IS is a cancer in our midst and should be called 
to account and not mollycoddled. Stop treating them as victims and hold them to 

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