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 Salyavin's god, Science, is a very poor god indeed. I have no doubt that TM 
creates "action at a distance" because I have experienced it myself on a number 
of occasions. I have no interest in whether science is able to measure it or 
not. If someone is meditating in my house, it creates a calming effect. Just a 
few months ago, I had a friend here, and unbeknownst to me she was meditating 
in another room. I was noting the unusual feeling of calm I was experiencing, 
and then, some minutes later, discovered that she had been meditating. I trust 
my own experience and do not have to look to science to confirm or deny it. 
Science can go great things but it is not the be-all and end-all. 

 Science is limited by the fact that humans invented it, practice it, have 
created the tools, are responsible for reading and interpreting those 
tools/instruments. Science is only as valid/comprehensive/true as humans are 
and as we all know, that isn't saying much. Science is not something that 
exists as some absolute entity - it is purely manmade.


 It's a miracle!


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 Salyavin, I find it rather humorous that  you appear to consider yourself a 
final authority on what science can or cannot prove.   

 Certainly it's a fair statement to say, "we don't have any scientific basis to 
make such and such a statement", but some of us are not afraid to think a 
little outside that box, and perhaps more importantly not discount what our 
experiences may be, "outside that box"

 With regard to brain waves affecting the environment, it appears to me you are 
spinning the discussion, and my comments to arrive a  pre-arranged conclusion  
you are comfortable with.

 Perhaps you don't buy into the notion that our thoughts can affect our 
environment, or that a person transcending does not have any effect that 
expands out.

 I don't know.  I am speculating that it does.  I can't say to what extent, and 
I am not defending the Maharishi Effect or saying that it works.

 But I remain open to that possibility.





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