I went over there once or twice a few months ago, only to find the same toxic 
brew that seems to accompany Turquoise B wherever he goes. 

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 Barry is having a major hissy fit, and upbraiding salyavin for interacting 
with the people here. 

 Feste has been called out for special treatment for the audacity, yes, 
AUDACITY to relate a personal experience over here.

 You'd think that he, Feste, just became a major advocate for the right to bear 
and keep arms.

 We've even got Bentonia previously known as Curtis chiming in with his 
disapproval of the discussion here, with a mild scold to salyavin.

 No, I'm not disrupting the place over there, salyavin appears to be doing it 
quite handily himself, but fortunately for the, (yes, four active members 
there), he is in the process disavowing any participation here.

 The tape is being erased as we speak now.

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now. Please try again later.

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 Oh Stevie, have you been a naughty boy over at FFL2? Are you disrupting the 
place, creating havoc? Imagine, a nice guy like you upsetting the place like 
that. I'm tempted to take a peek but will continue to deny myself the 
"pleasure". Are there more than four active posters over there?




 Unless you are on a debate team, I suppose.

 Hitch and his mates like Richard Dawkins and Sam Harris have the agenda of 
trying to raise the world's awareness to the dangers of blindly following 
religious beliefs, for the sake of elevating backward societies and promoting 
equal rights, to prevent terrorism due to religious fanaticism and simply 
because knowledge is better than superstition if you care about how things 
really are.

 It's been a great debate so far with some good arguments on both sides, but 
never good ones about the existence of supernatural beings because grand claims 
require grand evidence to back them up. Maybe one day.....


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