The best thing that the US has exported over the last 50 years has been "drugs, sex and rock'n roll." It took down a lot of backward cultures and countries.

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That was pretty much Maharishi's idea. When you move to a foreign land, you pretty much adopt that culture. I don't think the average *migrant* understands the issue. They expect to be *free* to live by their traditional culture which is usually in direct conflict with European culture and values and then feel discriminated against when their values are rejected by the citizens of their host nation. They seem to think that they can treat entire groups of people, women , gay, Christian, Jews, other races, etc. the way they would treat them in their own country which is totally unacceptable. They don't like the laws of the land but want to be judged by their *god given laws*, Sharia. I just noticed that Muslims in the US are now complaining that restaurants need to accommodate them and serve Halal menus. That would like Jews demanding only Kosher be served .

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First thing I'd tell refugees, "when in Rome do as the Romans do." Some actually are doing that. One even used some of his money to help the homeless in his new country. And some probably would prefer "doing as the Romans" do and don't want to live in a Sharia Law community.

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This is such a shame. It's happening all over Europe. People resent losing their cultural identity. Middle eastern Muslims don't want to lose theirs thus don't assimilate and the locals don't want to lose theirs which is their birth right. The people in that town council would probably be screaming the loudest about the Chinese ruining or diluting the Tibetan culture but when it's their own culture, somehow multiculturalism is a great idea.

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Patriotic Dutchmen riot outside town council as small village forced to accept 1,500 migrants <>

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Patriotic Dutchmen riot outside town council as sma... <> A meeting of a Dutch town’s council to discuss plans to build a center to house 1,500 asylum seekers in Geldermalsen turned into a battlefield after crowds o...
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