This is Steve Garvey:

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 There's actually a good way of looking at this incident, and there may be 
cosmic reason why Steve Garvey, a comedian, was selected to be an emcee for the 
Miss Universe contest.  I just cast the horoscope of the event yesterday.  It 
turned out that Mars and Rahu are in conjunction in Virgo.  But Mars and 
Mercury have exchanged houses.  Therefore, Mercury is effectively in 
conjunction with Rahu.   Since Mercury signifies humor and Rahu signifies 
confusion, the net effect is a cosmic joke for the participants in the event.

 However, the conjunction actually did some serious damage in another part of 
Las Vegas, where the contest was held.  Last night, a woman, while driving her 
car, decided to run over people who were walking on the casino strip.  There 
were about 30 people who were injured and it was lucky nobody died.  The police 
are still investigating the woman's motive for doing so.


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 Poor guy couldn't *f* that up any more. Kind of makes you feel bad for 

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 The emcee flubbed the announcement of the winner.  Then, when he tweeted about 
the mistake, he misspelled the countries of the contestants as well.  Do you 
think he'll do this gig ever again?

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