Jefferson Aikens passed away recently 

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 356603RE: Purusha Passing List The passing of a generation

 Purusha list Fairfield Life 
 Fairfield Life 
Fairfield Life focuses on topics of interest to seekers (and finders) of truth 
and liberation everywhere. Fairfield, Iowa is home to Maharishi University of 
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 Marion Fellmer
 Helena Yellin
 Susan Arnold
 Mary Sue Schwartz
 Tim Hildebrandt 
 LB Shriver, FFL#345753Obit
 Mark Meredith FFL#219912Memorial
 Janis Langstaff
 Greg Heilman, FFL#42293Obit

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 Recently 'Gone Home',


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 Ron Hall passed away in Fairfield, Iowa recently. 
 Nice obit in the Fairfield Ledger.
 Ronald Edwin Hall - Fairfield Ledger 
 Ronald Edwin Hall - Fairfield Ledger Ronald Edwin 
Hall (“Ron”) died Wednesday, November 25, 2015, in Fairfield, Iowa, at the age 
of 82. 
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 Margaret Ashelman  FFL#422720 FW,
 Just to let you know that Margaret Ashelman ascended into the Life Eternal 
Saturday November 28th, 2015 peacefully and gracefully.  She had achieved the 
ripe age of near 99 years and lived a very full dedicated, loving life.  A long 
time member of the meditating community and activist in life she was also a 
founding mother of the Society of Friends (Quaker) Meeting here in Fairfield.
 There will be a Vedic cremation ceremony Tuesday, December 1st at 2pm at 
Behner’s on South Main in the main room.  If you plan to come bring a dozen 
flowers (no arrangements please) to be used in the ceremony… Her memorial 
service will be later in December as family can assemble to honor and celebrate 
her with us.

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 Memorial for Betty Sheasgreen
 You are warmly invited to a memorial gathering Sunday, December 6, from 2:00 
to 4:00 pm in Dalby Hall, Argiro Student Center.
 Enjoy memories, amazing stories of great accomplishments, songs, photos, and a 
wonderful video of Betty on the Maharishi Channel July 4th, 2008.  
 We will also be showing photos and videos of Mom's Pitri celebrations at 
Varanasi and the Sangam, the meeting of the three rivers in Allahabad, India. 
These will include Arti on the Ganga and Navaratri the nine day Festival In 
 Mom loved watching the Model of Vedic Physiology so we will be playing the 
Model at the end of the celebration.
 Betty also enjoyed painting. We will be bringing many of her paintings to 
Dalby Hall for people to take home as a loving gift from Betty.
 Alarik & Cynthia


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 Larry Larson passed away this last week.
 27 Sept. 2015

 Obituary in the Fairfield Ledger
 Larry Gilbert Larson - Fairfield Ledger 
 Larry Gilbert Larson - Fairfield Ledger Born May 
30th 1952, Married June 20th 1987, Died September 27th 2015 after a valiant 
struggle with cancer. Predeceased by father Lloyd Larson and Mother Mar...
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 416650Memorial service for Terry Kavanaugh

Terry Kavanaugh passed away in his sleep on May 28th.

Terry and Laurie started TM in 1973 and soon offered their new home in Saginaw, 
Michigan, as a TM Center for the area. He attended the TM Teacher Training 
Course in Avoriaz, France, in 1976. He owned a trucking company in Saginaw but 
was teaching TM full-time prior to coming to Fairfield in August 1984.

Terry worked with Soil Tech and Creative Edge in Fairfield and was a popular 
patron of local coffee shops. Last year Terry and Laurie moved to Flagstaff, 
AZ, to be with their daughters Kelly and Sarah and their grandson Sebastian. 
Their son Pat is living in Maui, Hawaii.

Terry was a beloved friend to so many of us in the community. If you were among 
those fortunate to have been touched by his life, his family invites you say a 
prayer for him or to do a good deed in his memory.

You are invited to a Memorial Celebration of his life on Sunday, June 14, at 
10:30am in the Henry Ogden Clark Assembly Hall at Maharishi School.


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 Harriet (Speltz) Glubka — 1918-2015 

 Recent 2015 passings-on of the Fairfield meditating community..

 Susan Arnold Sarina Grosswald
 Rich Henderson


 371288In Memorium, Mary Iber Memorial notice on the bulletin board in the Dome 
this morning,
 Mary Iber passed away recently. Memorial service at the Liberal Catholic Church
 in Fairfield, Ia. on Feb 1st, 2014 10:00am 
 Coming early with the meditator settlement of Fairfield, Iowa  Mary Iber was 
also of the founding meditator members of the Liberal Catholic Church in 
 !Jai Mary Iber!



 FFL311814Jai !Bill Godfrey! in memorium.. 

 Come to Fairfield as a meditator.

Waggin' Tail

I'll take my waggin tail
Waggin down the wagon trail
If in you don't mind I'll tag along with you
And we'll go all the way
To California
If in I don't wind up as Injun stew!
Yea hodee hoo!

-William C. Godfrey


 Bill Godfrey left the planet this week.



 FFL285155In FF memorium An old FF meditating friend,
Jeff Wells passed away this evening.
!Jai Jeff Wells!  y2011


 FFL372061In Memoriam, Larry White "i will always remember the joy of singing 
with larry...his heart-felt baritone/tenor was a delight to hear and 'meet' in 
the architecture of a song.  you could hear his love of life, his love for the 
Divine when he sang.

 I like to think of him singing praises in heaven!   and, yes, we will miss him 
very very much." y2014


 335454In Memoriam, Lois Kehrl passes y2013
 FW: our friend Lois Kehrl, long part of the Fairfield meditating community who 
taught music and piano to so many and played for several congregations in town, 
passed into the Life Eternal at 8:15 this morning, Valentine's Day! it was a 
very smooth, peaceful, graceful departure! her dear friends were in attendance.


 340920In Memoriam, Frieda Gratzon y2013 Frieda Gratzon passed away this 
morning in Fairfield,Ia. 
Long time meditator and activist in life.


 Memorial for Lilian Wallace


 Thanks for passing this on but the only person that rings a bell for me, 
maybe, is Bill Godfrey. Don't tell MJ that meditators die. He'll claim TM 
doesn't work.


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