yes, thinking back about it, it is rather funny. 

 I looked forward to it every year.  In the winter, I guess.

 Don't get me wrong, I still enjoyed dodge ball, and rope climbing and 
gymnastic stuff, but the week or so of square dancing really stood out for me!

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 we squared danced in grade school.  I loved it.  what a joy to be in contact 
with the lovely female form, even at that age.

 Yes! Now I remember square dancing in grade school! So funny. I wonder why we 
did that? I also remember that a couple of the guys had these sweaty, clammy 
hands. You remember the "lovely female form" and I remember those hands. LOL

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 Square Dance - Mildred Bulher
 Square Dance - Mildred Bulher 
Mildred R. Buhler was a popular caller in northern California in the late 1940s 
and early 1950s. Here she is calling to her demonstration group from the Redw...

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 I think I remember why I was laughing so hard when we were doing this was 
because I didn't know what I was doing (the friendly towns folk helped a lot) 
and it moves really fast and you keep going the wrong way and then have to 
reverse yourself and it all starts to resemble some Three Stooges blundering 
around while the rest of the group is looking all slick and on track. Anyway, 
try it sometime. It's also a pretty good workout.

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