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 Careful, you might be forced to move to Canada, Feste, once those guys with 
the torches and pitchforks come after you...
 You must not get out much. Torches and pitchforks? What a fantasy life you 
lead wafflebeater. Try reading the Canada Free Press occasionally. You are 
drinking the Kool-Aid again and it is jiggling you synapses. 

 No, no! I saw it in a movie. They use farm implements, torches and gather in 
mobs and shout a lot.



 Armed revolution would proly start with AR-15’s and 50 cals but quickly 
progress to National Guard centers armories. You don't have a clue.


 Uh huh.
 Mike has nailed it exactly. The incredulous tail biters are slack-jawed as 


 Oh you tease, Pants. You know no one is "slack-jawed" nor "incredulous". What 
a dreary world you must inhabit - having to create all this drama.

 Offer them some parcels on your acreage, Wolfbait. Maybe they can bail some 
alfalfa for a cup a tea. They'll also need a pair of scissors to feel safe.


 Unfortunately, the climate where I live does not support the growing of 
alfalfa but I do have a pair of scissors in the (you guessed it) BARN where I 
also have three pitchforks and a couple of stout rakes. We'll be fine.

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