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 Well, that's good to know. I saw your new prime minister the other day -- he 
looked like he was only a few years out of high school. Are you sure he is old 
enough for the position he now occupies?

 Good question but I'm not convinced age is a game changer. He is optimistic, 
enthusiastic, motivated and his heart is in the right place so that is a good 
start. Frankly, being the leader of any country is a dismal fate.

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 I don't know much about Canada -- is it really full of nice, quiet, polite 

 I believe so. They don't have anyone like Emptypants or even bawee (God, how I 
miss him) but they do have a couple of Mike equivalents. In fact, I got into 
quite a brouhaha with a sloppy thinker on, of all places, FB the other day and 
we had a good shouting match - she all huffy about not wanting anyone in the 
country except those who were born in Canada because only they were "true 
Canadians". Given her last name, I highly doubt her parents were born in 
Canada, but that is another story. So, there is the odd bigoted 'fraidy cat but 
generally Canadians are dressed in plaid, drink Rye and walk around in the 
middle of winter in shorts and tee shirts all the while asking your pardon for 
the slightest inconvenience they might or might not be causing you.

I have to be careful about what I say about Texas because about 75% of my 
income comes from there. Businesses relocate or spring up there, I believe, 
because it is a good business environment, with low taxes.

 Also, Texans carry those bigger guns so be careful, Feste.




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