The article does describe it as "A picturesque pub housed in a 200-year-old 
mill building." It wouldn't make much sense to build a mill with a water wheel 
where there is no water.

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 Kinda like building skyscrapers in an earthquake zone like San Francisco. ;-) 
 Now they might be able to go back 200 years before the pub was built to see if 
there were any floods.  That's what we do around here for earthquakes and 
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 That's too bad but it's probably not wise to have your establishment so close 
to a river like than anyway.  Even here local businesses were putting out 
sandbags last week.  But flooding didn't materialize.  Time to think about 
pulling up stakes and moving elsewhere if you are a downtown business.  Between 
floods and earthquakes....

 I think an optimist chose the site for that pub. It was a cool location but 
not very forward-thinking when it came to anticipating high water. On the other 
hand, the place had been there 200 years without incident.
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   I'm not sure what the locals are going to do for their evening pint.




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