Taken from the Book Sri Datta Darshanam.

Jaya Guru Datta

The most virtuous Anasuya Mata was the wife of Lord Brahma's mind born son, 
Atri. She was the 2nd daughter of Kardama Prajapati and Devahuti.

Brahma's act of creating the human species continued ceaselessly; and has it 
people indulged in sense pleasure and vulgar enjoyments in the name of Grhastha 
Dharma. They ignored the need for contemplation and forgot the Soul. This 
Brahma deep anguish, and he reflected over it seriously. He came to the 
conclusion that 
the incarnation of a Saviour possessing immense moral and spiritual power would 
be the 
only solution to this problem.

He performed the marriage of Anasuya with his own mind born son Atri, a 
Brahmajnani. He commanded Atri to assist him in his work of creation according 
Grhastha Dharma (householder).

That excellent couple spent many thousands of celestial years as man and wife. 
wedded life was full of tapas, faultless, marvelous, unequalled and unsullied 
by lust.

By the power of his tapas Maharishi Atri was able to receive the revelation of 
the 5th 
mandala of the Shakalya branch of the Rig Veda. That part of the Veda 
containing prayer 
to Agnilinga, and the topic of Amarendra which possesses the power of bestowing 
happiness both here and hereafter.

During Krita Yuga when disease and sickness spread and the world of living 
beings was 
being destroyed, it was Maharishi Atri who obtained the vision of Ayurveda.

At another time when people were feeling that the Dharma Shastra compied by 
Manu had 
become incomprehensible, Atri himself composed a Smrti in words beautiful, 
clear and 
easy to understand. When the demons captured the Sun and Moon plunging the 
world into utter darkness, it was Atri who was sought by the devatas. He 
himself assumed 
the form of the Sun and Moon and dispersed lighrt to the world.

There is no comparison to the various miracles performed by Anasuya, with her 
chastity and sincere devotion to here husband.

Once, due to scorching heat, the river Ganga dried up; and Anasuya brought the 
river back 
to life for the convenience of the munis.

Another time the river Ganga lost its purity and had been turned black by the 
touch. Anasuya sprinkled water from her kamandalu and burnt away all the 
impurities of 
Ganga in an instant. Many such deeds she performed.

It was through their intense tapas that the Trinity... Brahma, Vishnu, and 
Shiva appeared at 
the same time and told them they would be born to them as their son who was 

Anasuya was human, yet her chastity and fame was so great as to instill the 
jealousy of the 
three Goddesses, Lakshmi, Saraswati, and Parvati.

(parts of story snipped)

Anasuya was called upon to save the world when another chaste woman, Sumati 
kept the 
son from rising due to another curse on her husband, Kausika.

Anasuya said this to Sumati:

"For a virtuous and devoted wife, the company of her husband alone is all the 
world. His 
happiness is her happiness. His nearness alone gives meaning to her life. she 
has life so 
long as the husband is hale and hearty. Such a one is said to be a 'Pativrata'.

"While a man cannot acquire merit without undergoing much suffering and without 
observing rituals, for us, dedicated service to our husbands is enough. That 
alone can 
easily give us all rewards."

"For women there is no need for any other religious observances or disciplines. 
For a 
Woman her husband alone is God. Service to one's husband is worship to God. I 
achieved great things through that alone."

In Datta seva

Sri Guru Datta


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