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 What you don't seem to recognize is, that is what makes him popular. He 
doesn't come off as a wimp but a strong leader, someone who will *fight* for 
what he wants. He is representing the antithesis of what the Republican Party 
has become, a bunch of wimps that roll over and do whatever the Democrats want, 
which is for them to shut up and get out of the way. Case in point is the most 
recent Omnibus bill that just passed in the House. Paul Ryan is in serious 
trouble with his own party. The louder and more *obnoxious* Trump gets, by your 
standards,the more popular he is going to become. Trump is a very polarizing 
figure but he is drawing people to him that Republicans never could. Every time 
he seems to shoot himself in the foot, he gets even more popular. I hate to 
think what it's going to take for him to implode.

 Well, it isn't going to be his foul mouth, infantile need to be the "winner" 
or his impressive narcissism, at least so far. Some of the American public 
seems to have an inexhaustible tolerance for such things. You say he doesn't 
come across as a "wimp" but my idea of strength and ability to lead does not 
include hate-mongering, belittling of one's opponents, the pathetic need to be 
the big man on campus or an obvious inability to tolerate being bested or 
seeing one for who one really is. Trump is not a wimp, he is way worse than 
that. I'll take wimp any day over any single one of Trump's personality traits. 


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 Grump is nuts. I told you all he wants to do is win, to trumpet his greatness 
from his pinnacle atop the fallen bodies of his adversaries. Please, if nothing 
else, can you meditators put your attention on silencing this buffoon once and 
for all?




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