You gotta admit, this is pretty damn funny.

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 Iowa being Iowa, if one shows up at campaign events then you are likely to get 
to see the person of the next leader of the free world.  It is pretty 
incredible to be able to see how people are and think on their feet with people.

 Hillary lights up the room, while the room lights up Bernie. Hillary has quite 
a lot of cultivated shakti that she gives like dharsan. Bernie, he is no dim 
bulb either but quite evidently is conveyed a power activated from 'the 
people'. Martin O'Malley is lit in a way a lot like Hillary. They are good 
people. My bet is that Hillary and Martin have been meditators, spiritually. 

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 I agree with you there, Mike. Best left to individuals. Here in Fairfield, as 
much as I can tell, there is huge enthusiasm among meditators for Bernie 
Sanders, less enthusiasm but some support for Hillary, and about zero support 
for any Republican. I have not encountered a single Trump supporter in the 
meditating community.

See, there are enlightened folks in FF. ;-) TM works!!

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 When the TMO starts telling people who to vote for, they'll isolate half the 
country, half the people that they seek to initiate and it won't increase 
initiation either. TMO getting involved in politics is a no- win situation.


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 Subject: [FairfieldLife] The Meditator Bloc Vote?
 So, how would you feel that meditators should vote in the Iowa presidential 
caucus or the other primaries ? The meditator's candidate? Meditators should 
turn out and favor which party and which candidate?  

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 As we all know, anyone who can think can meditate. Is it the place for 
[organizational] TM'ers as representative transcendentalists to tell people 
what to think, or how to vote? Should the TM movement have an administrative 
position on TM teachers and staff who would use the TM-lectern to advocate 
political views? What do you feel about this?   

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 This brings up an important administrative question, should TM’ers who 
represent the TM movement express political opinion? Publicly?  Does that 
confuse/conflate the TM practice to politics?  

 Like, individual meditators may have and may express opinions but what of 
those who represent TM?   How would you administratively handle them if a TM 
teacher became particularly publicly politicized, advocating from the lectern 
that meditators support and vote for a particular mundane political party, or 
cause, or person? 

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 Should TM'ers support the Sverigedemokraterna? 

---In, <hepa7@...> wrote : the (right-wingish) Sverigedemokraterna (Sweden-democrats)?





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