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 But our Pants is giving you a little attitude asking if you were on whoremoans 
(a dead give away that he doesn't view the female of the species with anything 
except disdain - no wonder he's bitter.
 You don’t have a clue about anything in my life or about what I do. Sorry but 
your ignorance does not liberate you. 

 Sure I do I ("have a clue)". I know that you read FFL and post here. I know 
that you have read a few books, tried out a career as a monk and discovered 
that there were as many deviants in that field as there are in any average 
midwestern hick town. I know that you like to throw words around that mean 
nothing to me and are just that, words. I also know that you either believe or 
pretend to believe that women are superficial and tedious. You have made it 
clear that you are afraid even as we speak. You are afraid of the things you 
can not control and of the things you imagine are coming to get you. I know 
that you are not full of mirth, joy or happiness and that you are happy to let 
others know this. I know that you present yourself as disgruntled and 
disappointed and choose to spend your time either pretending you are exactly 
this way or are not this way and find it important, for some reason, to make 
others believe that you are. I know lots about you, pants, whether you realize 
it or not. I rather tend to think you have no idea how you come across to 
others because if you did realize, you'd be mortified and would stop paying lip 
service to all of this cerebral bullshit about advaita. You're more the poster 
boy for arrested development due to curtailed success as an ascetic. 
 However, I understand why you need to occupy yourself with the unessential and 
superfluous. Living where you do you can never know if in the next moment an 
earthquake will strike or a volcano will blow. Better to be frivolous.


 I'm pretty sure posting to FFL is the height of frivolity, don't you think 

 I’ll pray to VajraBhairava to protect you and your family.

 Don't bother, with a personality like yours I hardly think you're a favorite 
of any of these guys; I doubt you hold any clout with them. I'll do my own 
stinkun' prayin', thanks.

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