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 I wonder how this is going to turn out.  

 Not well. Any time you have crazy people taking things into their own hands 
like this there will be death by explosion or gunfire. Luckily, so far they 
have been ignored by the law enforcement so that makes it a one-way conflict at 
this point. The reason I say they are "crazy" is because there is a mistaken 
notion that by owning a gun and being prepared to use it anyone with an opinion 
contrary to the government or other entity with power or authority is 
justified. Where could that leave us if lots of these fringe groups decided to 
"take a stand" with fire power? And there are those who fear outside terror 
groups who they imagine are ready to storm our shores and shoot up the 
population. You still have more chance of falling off a ladder and dying. And 
now, there are wackos emerging to see justice is served by holing themselves up 
in an out-of-the-way wildlife refuge. I'd like to see them try this with bows 
and arrows or slingshots.

 I love how quickly these things start popping up all over the internet, it 
never takes long:





 "Tensions continue to mount in Godforsaken, OR. Media is being held back for 
our own safety, but a brave sketch artist got close enough to submit this."




 Militia takes over Malheur National Wildlife Refuge headquarters 

 Militia takes over Malheur National Wildlife Refuge he... 
 An estimated 300 people joined a protest march in Burns Saturday to support a 
local ranching family. None of the anticipated trouble developed.

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