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 You poor little gullible thing, you. Now, may I ask you to stop posting hate 
on FFL? There is not a single person on this site who you can inflame unless it 
might be Mike, but he already has his opinions.
 Finally, now it can be told!
 Wolf Bait speaks for everyone on FFL! 
 She even speaks for those who don’t know she does so.
 I’m sure they are all relieved to know it. 
 For my part, I don’t call you a bubble-head beach blond. 
 I don’t call you an exponent of unintelligent babble. 
 Rather, I thank you for the National Enquirer pic.
 At least we now know what you read. 

 Oh you extrapolator, you. It is dangerous to assume these kinds of things - 
they are predicated on nothing but your fancy. Fancy that! "Fancy" being used 
in the context of referring to you, Empty. Who woulda thunk? Fancy pants!
 BTW, your conclusions about everything you post about above are ill-conceived 
and they remind me of someone else - that dingleberry guy who we are, happily, 
free of here. However, in your attempts to misconstrue and make believe you 
remind me a bit of him. But you have one thing he does not - edge. Not like the 
real Edg who appears here now and then (he's the real deal - smart, acidic, 
playful and very sensitive - hence his passion) but edge nevertheless. At least 
you've got one thing going for you.

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