I don't think we have a vote, Feste.  Doug doesn't work like that.  A tad more 
imperial I'd say.  But, expectations, (at least mine) have been lowered for 
some time now.

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 I didn't feel "disrespected" in the slightest. It's OK to have an argument 
with someone. It doesn't matter. 

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 It was interesting, Ollie to see how fast it back-slid once it got going.   
Became something like a feeding frenzy.  One person, two then three, restraint
 was lost and the community disrespected.


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 Agreed. Thanks for raising the awareness about this issue Doug, but now that 
the socially maladjusted members are gone for good from FFL, I side with feste 
that nothing more need be done. The group can self-police itself pretty well at 
this point, though stepping in with a reminder as you did, doesn't hurt. 
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 Posters here should be allowed to have an argument and express themselves 
forcefully, in their own styles. In this case, it's not as if it is a daily 
thing, as with the posters that were kicked out. Our Canadian friend is one of 
our best contributors and should not be threatened with expulsion. 

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 You evidently are strayed off from the wide, straight and narrow ways of civil 
discourse of the yahoo-groups guidelines with this thread. In a display of 
self-moderation could you two take your personal banter off the list, remove 
your last few posts yourself, or I'll be glad to take you both off the list. 
Thanks, in advance.

 If you would like to remove the posts, that is your prerogative, Doug. It 
doesn't matter to me one way or the other. emptypants is rude and offensive, at 
the best of times. If he chooses to shout invectives at me in response to what 
I have to say to him that is his business but I won't sit by and let him do so 
without pushback. I have no emotion about empty one way or another. I have 
opinions about him but no particular feeling. He is just a faceless poster on 
the internet. If you felt that our interactions, such as they were, were 
against the Yahoo guidelines than do what you have to do.

 Posting and reading here has been mostly fun. It is a chance to write and 
think and play. Playing is mostly what I do. While I am serious on some 
subjects and enjoy the opportunity to state how I feel, especially in the face 
of those who disagree, I have no great need to be here and you can silence me 
if that suits you and comes under the role of your moderator status at FFL. In 
the meantime, I'll carry on.

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