With Democrats In Charge The Result Is Racism, Rape, Riots, and Poison Water by 
John Nolte 21 Jan 2016

 Pop quiz: Who almost exclusively has run Hollywood, America’s university 
system, and almost every big urban city in America, and done so for decades?  
The answer is more complicated than “Democrats.” Most of the people who run 
these institutions and communities are so much more than Democrats. They are 
leftists — hardcore, government-loving, Alinsky-worshipping, central planning, 
community-organizing leftists. And yet, when they enjoy free rein for decades, 
take a hard look at the utopia these utopians create.

 Let’s start with Hollywood, which is about as hard-left as any institution in 
the country. What we have here is a community run by leftists currently 
embroiled in a huge race scandal. For two years in a row, only white actors 
have been nominated for  performance Oscars. Where leftists have enjoyed 
unchallenged rule for decades, 40 out of 40 acting nominations have gone to 

 According to the left-wing mainstream media, there is a rape crisis rampaging 
though America’s university system. If you choose to believe the studies and 
reports, campus rape is a full-blown epidemic. How is this possible when for 
decades hardcore leftists have enjoyed unchallenged rule over America’s higher 
education system. There are exceptions, of course, like Liberty University, 
where there is no rape cris– oh, wait, Liberty is run by conservative 

 On top of all that rape, according to the leftists who for decades have run 
the American university system, there is a major racism problem 
http://www.huffingtonpost.com/news/college-campus-racism/ at the very same 
American university system Leftists… have… run… for… decades…

 Leftists take over Hollywood and the result is racism.

 Leftists take over the college campus and the result is racism and rape.

 And I’m just getting started.

 The city of Flint, Michigan, has been imploding since the 1980’s. Now, due to 
mismanagement by city officials, the water is poisoned with lead. In every way 
imaginable, the city is an arm-pit. But how is that possible when 
Utopian-Democrats have run the city unchallenged for years 
 How is that possible when in 2006, Flint was voted the 10th most liberal city 
in America?

 According to our left-wing media, armed, racist government-employees (police 
officers) who are employed by Democrats (mayors)  in cities run for decades by 
Democrats, are gunning down innocent black people: Chicago, Baltimore, 
 Ferguson (which is run by the St. Louis county), and in some of those cases, 
riots follow.
 The youth black unemployment rate is an astonishing 21%. 
http://newsone.com/2662081/black-unemployment-rate-2/Don’t most of these young 
people live in Liberal Utopias?

 Who is exclusively in charge of our failing urban public schools systems?
 Anyone want to talk about Detroit?

 Do not, though, make the mistake of blaming Democrats.
 You can’t blame Democrats anymore than you can blame a rattlesnake bite on the 

 Predators prey, that’s what Democrats are and that is what Democrats do.
 After so many decades, you have to blame the stupid prey — the morons who 
live, work, and spend tens-of-thousands of dollars in tuition to be preyed upon.

 If rapes and racism and riots and poisoned water don’t result in a political 
revolution, that’s not your problem or my problem or America’s problem.

 It’s a choice.

 Until the sheep fire up a flare telling the world they are ready for change, 
all you can do is hold on to your compassionate hope that someday that time 

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