Did Your Senator Vote to Confirm this Radical Leftist Judge? 
 By: CR Staff 
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January 21st, 2016

 Earlier this week, the Senate voted 58-36 to confirm an ultra-liberal judge, 
Wilhelmina Marie Wright, to the United States District Court for the District 
of Minnesota. Despite the ever growing list of serious issues facing our 
nation, from immigration from terrorist-prone countries, ISIS controlling large 
swaths of the Middle East, executive overreach on a variety of issues, and the 
continued erosion of our most fundamental liberties, Republicans joined 
Democrats in confirming a judge who believes property rights are racist and 
thus providing an already liberal judiciary with even more influence over 
 That’s right. Thirteen Republican Senators joined Democrats in confirming a 
nominee, who some considered to be a leftist “rising star,” to a lifetime 
position of immense influence and responsibility. Widely rumored to be on the 
liberal short list for future Supreme Court appointments, Wright has a long 
history of holding views antithetical to our founding documents and principles. 
In fact, her support of a radical idea known as “critical race theory,” is 
perhaps the most dangerous and shocking. 


 When Wright was earning her law degree, as Hans Von Spakovsky illustrated 
earlier this week 
 Wright joined Harvard Law Professor Derrick Bell in publishing several law 
review articles articulating what was then a newfound legal philosophy, 
critical race theory. The idea is anchored in the assumption that America was 
founded on racism and continues to be inherently racist, and white Americans 
have long used property to divide society along racial lines to enslave 
minorities, chief among them black Americans. African Americans have, as a 
result of this oppression, the opportunity and obligation to ignore legal 
codes, traditions, or other facets of society that are used to oppress them.

 The confirmation of this ultra liberal judge from a Republican-led Senate is 
even more ironic when one takes into account the context of how that 
GOP-controlled Senate came to be. In November 2014, Americans overwhelmingly 
elected a Republican Senate and expanded Republican seats in the House with the 
expressed goal of pushing back against President Obama’s lawless and 
unconstitutional agenda. Rather than fulfill that goal, this newly confirmed 
judge will be defending and advancing Obama’s agenda, for life.

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