Kind of like Saul Alinsky of business, eh? President Obama and Hillary are Saul 
Alinsky followers.


      From: " [FairfieldLife]" 
 Sent: Sunday, January 24, 2016 9:10 AM
 Subject: Re: [FairfieldLife] Establishment Conservatives Against Trump
    I watched him for a few minutes monopolizing the debate last night as 
usual. He is setting his position for the nomination, as he would if 
negotiating for that land he needs for a golf course. At this stage he has 
correctly calculated that the one with the most bluster, boasting, and BS, 
wins. Unfortunately he is readily building an audience due to the deluge of 
empty promises from his opponents, and beating them at their own game. 
Business as usual for the trumpster. I have met and dealt with sales VPs very 
much like him. His playbook is standard - no surprises - Take an extreme 
position, insult the opposition, and don't retreat, ever, just like offering 20 
mil for a hotel worth twice as much. He is running this like a textbook 
business school case. He won't make it all the way, but this stuff is nothing 
special, all corporate think and manipulation, for making the sale. Far from 
the monster you make him out to be, he is pretty much the standard template of 
the sales executive in corporate America these days. Winning is everything.
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Most of his facial expressions are extremely distasteful as well; he shows his 
contempt for everyone and his inhumanity on his face.  
You see, I don't care how many tall buildings or casinos he's built. I don't 
care if he can wheel a deal. I couldn't give a crap if he possesses big houses 
and fancy cars. I am immune to being impressed by whatever he counts as his 
material achievements. It all means absolutely nothing when viewed in 
comparison to who he is, what he says, the content he conveys. This is the 
measure of a person not what he can manipulate and use to his advantage in his 
misconstrued efforts to build an empire as testimony to his ego and perceived 
greatness. This man is a pathetic human being who has much to learn and 
everything to abandon/have the strength and wherewithal to give it all up. I 
just watch him and stand awestruck. He is truly one of the most subordinary 
humans I have yet to see hit the big time.

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I've never set in on any negotiations that he has been involved in. Nor have I 
read his book*The Art of the Deal*, a best seller. Neither have I spoken with 
anyone that has negotiated with him and made deals with him.  So no, I'm not 
qualified to critique his negotiating skills. Have you ever read about or 
spoken with anyone that has negotiated with him on anything? Do they feel 
bullied, taken advantage of, cheated or maybe content? Or perhaps, they believe 
they got the better of him!I do know that he is a successful business man and 
negotiates business deals all over the world and must be doing something right.
I don't think you heard him say that he would hire the best *negotiators* as 
*advisers*. I did hear him say he would have the best negotiators do the 
*negotiating*. Advisers advise, negotiators negotiate.
Advisers can advise on the negotiating. But let's not split hairs here. Bottom 
line, the guy is despicable, harrible, disastrous as a human being. In case you 
don't believe me, have a look but take some Gravol 

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 Subject: Re: [FairfieldLife] Establishment Conservatives Against Trump

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Anne , are you in a position to criticize Trump's negotiating skills?  If you 
are , I think the New York Times would love to have an editorial from you, the 
National Review also!
Sure I am and so are you. Just watch him. He may have pushed and bullied his 
way around the corporate world but these tactics don't work as the leader of a 
country. My reasons for thinking this are below in my initial post. It doesn't 
take much of a brain to extrapolate from all of his bluster from the podium 
that his way or the highway can only end in war and disaster. Perhaps he is all 
hot air and were he to actually assume the office of the President of the US he 
will turn out to be a contemplative, sane, rational, balanced human being but 
from all evidence from the stump he appears exactly the opposite. It is 
precisely because his techniques have worked in his (corporate) world so far 
that he is stupid enough to think they will work in the different context in 
his role as President (although he will never assume office). I heard him say 
earlier on that he will hire the best negotiators in the world as his advisors 
even though they are "harrible, harrible human beings". Does this sound like a 
good idea to you? 
I grew up in a family where the patriarch (my father) was one of the most 
powerful and influential CEO's in the world. He was brave, smart, fair, decent 
and yet no push over. I grew up around this. I know that no matter how tough 
and how big you think you are you have to combine it with a balance that 
includes empathy, heart, wisdom and depth and to understand and acknowledge 
your own fallibility and weaknesses. In other words, you have to act like a 
human being. It is only then that you command true respect instead of 
generating rancor, resistance and resentment by others who you need to "deal" 

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 Subject: Re: [FairfieldLife] Establishment Conservatives Against Trump


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Feste, he's not my ideal candidate either! However, he has just as much 
qualifications as Obama did , if not more. At least Trump has management, 
executive and negotiating skills and built his own multi-billion dollar 
*empire*. All Obama ever did was be a *community organizer*, whatever that is. 
Whatever his academic achievements were are perceived as being based on 
affirmative action based. How does an American student get a Fulbright 
Scholarship? I've always heard those are reserved for foreign students.
Trump's zero political office experience is perceived by many as a plus. A lot 
of people are tired of being promised one thing and then those promises 
abandoned. A lot of people are tired of career politicians.Yeah, Trump is 
perceived as a *fighter*. Throw a punch at him and he counters ten times 
harder. Wasn't it Obama that said" if they bring a knife to a fight, we bring a 
However, Trump is a negotiator, I've never known Obama to negotiate anything. 
It's always my way or they high way. 
If Trump is nominated, I think he's got a pretty good shot.He's attracting a 
coalition that Republicans have dreamed of but rarely get. There are a lot of 
independents that are attracted to him.

I think you are dreaming if you thing Trump is some great negotiator. It is a 
different matter dealing with other politicians, other charged circumstances 
with regard to hostile countries or crazy dictators. You don't start telling 
them what they're going to do and the blowback from stepping on some of these 
people's toes is far bigger than losing a contract or some business deal going 
sideways. Pissing off the wrong people because you're too narcissistic or too 
delusional to realize you aren't the Big Man of Campus can result in actual 
war, not just lost revenue. He may have been able to snowplow his way around 
the business world but he has no idea about the ramifications were he to try 
his strong arming in the political world as President.  Trump is a menace.  
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 Sent: Friday, January 22, 2016 10:19 AM
 Subject: Re: [FairfieldLife] Establishment Conservatives Against Trump

 I still regard the Trump candidacy as an absurdity. Trump has no 
qualifications to be US president. He has zero experience of political office. 
He is unsuited by temperament to the office and would be a dangerous person to 
be in that position of power. I do not believe he has a chance of being 

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Mike, thanks so much for your insights, very helpful. 

I think the Tea Party totally screwed up the Republican Party and I also think 
Trump, for that situation, is just what the doctor ordered.
Why does the RP hate Cruz? Just because he questions them? Or something more 

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 Subject: Re: [FairfieldLife] Establishment Conservatives Against Trump

 It really is a dilemma isn't it. Trump is not a true conservative but a 
populist. Trump is attracting people from all over the place. Many undecideds, 
which is what Republicans have been after for years. Yet, they don't trust the 
guy with his *New York* values which are ultra liberal. He is to the left of 
most establishment Republicans but to the right of any Democrat, which is why I 
think moderate(liberal) Republicans are starting to find him a bit more 
acceptable. Ether him or Cruz, and that blows the mind of establishment 
Republicans. Cruz just won't play ball with his *superiors* and that really 
pisses them off! As long as the race is between the two, the Republican 
establishment will eventually line up behind Trump whether they like him or not 
because they hate Cruz.

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 Subject: [FairfieldLife] Establishment Conservatives Against Trump

 Why establishment conservatives are on the rally against Trump.

Against Trump
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