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 Usually a third party candidate hurts one of the other parties more. Who do 
you think   Bloomberg would have the most effect on?

 Ohhhh, hard to say. It appears he's got a boot in both camps but he might just 
be middle and Republican enough in some of what he believes or by what his past 
history shows to appeal to some of the Republican voters. I get the impression 
many of the Democratic public are loving either Bernie or Hillary already and 
so perhaps he might capture the moderate Republican voter or even on-the-fence 
sort of Democrat. It would be interesting to see though. Whether he could budge 
any of the looney tunes currently loving Trump seems unlikely given Bloomberg's 
stance on gun control. I am no expert, only theorizing based on having read 
this one article. I don't usually follow politics and didn't 'get to know' 
Bloomberg when he was mayor.
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