jr, that is f'n brilliant.  Everyone is tired of "Omaha".  Time for "Nakshatra" 
to make its grand appearance!!

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 The word "Nakshatra" could also be used as an audible to change the play on 
the line.  So, instead of a run to the right, the play becomes a long pass to 
the left for a TD.


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 It sounds like something the QB might call on third down and long. 

 "Ok, I want a Nakshatra up the middle, on three.  Break!"

 More details? The fact that Rahu and Jupiter are in tight conjunction isn't 
enough info for them? Jeez! What more do they need? Nakshatras or something? 

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 I tried sending an email to the department last night.  But their website 
stated to refer to the local city police department to report any unusual 
activities.  I might just do that.  But they probably would need more details.


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 Rahu and Jupiter are still in tight conjunction on February 7, 2016 at the 
cusp of Leo.  Somebody should notify Home Security Department to put on high 
alert for possible violence at the game.


 I'm pretty sure they're already on it.



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