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 What you mention about someone with anger issues mucking up the whole 
meditating community, is an odd effect from a technique that has so much to 
offer. We all know the background of Maharishi not seeing a need for an 
integration of the study of psychology with the benefits of TM, but this 
appears to now have resulted in a serious problem wrt the movement's ongoing 

 I guess the real question is: Why doesn't TM - if it has so much to offer - 
not clear up people's anger problems?

 I guess I'm the naive one or maybe it was so long ago that I was involved in 
TM and being around a bunch of meditators that I don't remember feeling this; 
but I don't think I ever believed it could solve all the personality quirks and 
hangups of people. 

 You must never have read Marshy's book, The Science of Being and Art of 
Living. It's the TM bible but I'm sure it's obvious to all by now - or should 
be - that it isn't all it's cracked up to be.

I told you, I don't believe everything someone tells me or that I read in a 
book. That's just me, and so I was spared much disappointment later when much 
of what MMY said or the Movement touted was not true. I did believe that the 
practice of TM was good for me, that was about it. Everything else I figured 
would have been gravy if it proved to pan out.


 It's hardly a rare thing, my overriding memories of working in the TMO was of 
highly stressed, angry and generally dysfunctional people. Not all of them by 
any means, but enough to make a casual observer wonder what was going on. And 
what seemed to be going on was that these people thought they were doing fine 
because they were On The Program and thus their thoughts were in perfect accord 
with Natural Law. Therefore any problems are with other people.

 Did most people you worked with really think they were in accord with natural 
law?! So, they thought they were enlightened or something? Or did they just 
think because they meditated they were suddenly part of some elite club of do 

 Both. And then some. Just like a lot of people here....Are you sure you 
attended a movement facility?

Yup, but I kept my wits about me and didn't put all my spiritual eggs in one 
basket nor did I devote every day of every minute to following MMY as a guru or 
dedicating my life to "spreading the news".





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